Automatic Fogging Systems

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                             COST SAVINGS
  Eliminate distributor price mark-up.   Buy direct from the blender of the
   insecticide and the owner of the EPA registered lables.  Entech is the largest
   supplier of fogging insecticides to the food industry in the U.S.   
  Entech can save you hundreds of dollars on a 55 Gallon drum of insecticide. 
   If you are purchasing insecticide from a distributor or Pest Control Company
   you are paying far more than Entech's prices.   Check Entech's prices on 55- gallon
   drums, 5-gallon pails, and 4 x 1 gallon cases of insecticides.

                     IMPROVED INSECT CONTROL
   Use fogging insecticide for immediate kill of exposed insects combined with
   an Insect Growth Regulator for residual control of immature life stages of
   insects (egg, larva, pupa).  Diacon IGR, (S)-methoprene, may be fogged along
   with the insecticide at a minimal additional cost while safely providing                 
   residual insect control.  Diacon IGR is so safe the EPA has exempted it from
   food additive tolerence levels.  Diacon IGR may be added directly to any food 
   commodity.   See a published USDA report, on this web site, that states 1.0% 
   pyrethrins fogging insecticide combined with s-methoprene could be an
   alternative to fumigation when used with the Entech Automatic Fogging

                  Readily Available for use when needed
   The Entech Automatic Fogging System is readily available to fog without 
   the need to schedule an outside company or to set up portable fogging
   equipment.   You don't have to skip a fogging due to scheduling difficulties
   or time restraints.
                 Greatly Reduce Down Time when Fogging
    With the Entech Fogging System you can fog the entire plant or warehouse
    in  30 miutes or less using the maximum use rate of insecticide.   It's best
    to always use near the maximum insecticide use rate to kill all of the insects.
.   Food plants and outside PCO often have to cut back on the amount of
​    insecticide used to minimize down time while fogging and thus the insect
    kill suffers.    

                           Training Provide by Entech
Most states do not require any license or certification for regular food
     plant employees to use Entech's general use, non-restricted inscticides,
     in-house.    Entech provides on site training and a manual with the
     information required by regulatory agencies and outside auditors like BRC.                    Entech also provides a training program on a USB drive.  
                  On-Going Warranty on Automatic Fogging System
    Entech provides an on-going warranty on the Automatic Fogging System with
    the continued use of Entech insecticides.   The warranty  includes parts 
    replacement at no charge and, if required, on site servide at no charge.
    Entech pledges to provide an insecticide price competitive with
    any insecticide supplier in the U.S.

Automatic Fogging System

Automatic Fogging System


The system is controlled from one central location.
Insecticide is transfered from a 55-gallon drum to overhead fogging assemblies located throughout the plant or warehouse.  Compressed air is used to
atomize the insecticide and provide a dry ULV fog.  The system is started by inserting a key or with automatic delayed activation.    The  warehouse or
plant may be fogged all at one time or as seperate fogging zones.  Controls can be a PLC or a simple timer for smaller systems.

Automatic Fogging System


Insecticide for the Automatic Fogging System is supplied in  a standard 55 gallon drum at the one
central control location.

       Chemical Transfer

Insecticide is transferred through stainless steel distribution lines from the central control area to the areas fogged by a low pressure, air operated, pump.

   Air Distribution Lines

Durable, non-corrosive, and maintenance free PVC pipe used for air distribution piping since it's not subject to corrosion and is only pressurized when fogging.

   Insecticide Distribution lines

Stainless steel tubing, rated for 2,000 lbs. is used for insecticide distribution piping.   A test cycle automatically checks the integrity of the insecticide distribution lines at each start-up.

               Ease of Use

Entech's labels do not require triple rinsing of the  empty 55-gallon insecticide drums.  



The System is secured by a key start switch.


No personnel exposure. Precision timing assures accurate amounts of insecticide for each area,every fogging.