Diacon/Centynal Spray Systems

Diacon IGR & Centynal dispensing systems for protection of stored commodities

Entech manfactuers the equipment, installs the equipment, and provides an on-going equipment warranty.  Entech will provide IGR and insecticide prices competitive with any supplier in the U.S.  and include an equipmet warranty at no additional charge.  

Diacon IGR - an Insect Groiwth Regulator applied to any commodity for control of insects.  Fog along with insecticides or mix with water or approved oil and spray on any commodity.   Applications include mixing with water and spraying on in-shell peanuts or mixing with insecticide and fogging above in-shell peanuts.  Also apply to corn, sunflower, rice, or any commodity.   Diacon IGR is exmpt from food additive tolerance levels.
33.6% (S)-Methoprene

Centynal EC - an insecticide mixed with water and applied to a moving grain stream for protection of stored grain and seed. 4.75% Deltamethrin.

Also Diacon Plus (Methoprene & Deltamethrin combined),  and PBO-8 (Piperonyl Butoxide)

Diacon dispensing system video